I'd never read a book that made me want to redecorate my apartment with its pages. But The Joy of Basketball certifies what Ben Detrick and Andrew Kuo's day ones have known forever: they are two of the most creative forces in the NBA universe. Their art has already redecorated my brain.

Pablo S. Torre, ESPN

The Joy Of Basketball will easily become one of those quintessential sports books that you can open up at any page and get deeply enthralled. And one that will definitely need a sequel as the years pass.

Sarah Silverman

Fans of the modern NBA will devour this book, which recounts not only the stories that have defined the sport, but also explains how those stories have dovetailed with political history and pop culture. Much like the game itself, The Joy of Basketball is a rich text and a visual delight.

Mina Kimes, ESPN

A vibrant, unconventional, highly opinionated guide to the triumphs, struggles, and heartbreaks of the modern game