Can Dogs Play Basketball? Our New "Buddies" Drop Intends to Find Out

Over the years, skeptics have argued that dogs can't play basketball. Sure, there is some truth to this roundball old wives' tale. 

With a lack of upper body strength and having paws instead of hands with opposable thumbs, dogs have trouble shooting from distance. Their 3-foot height makes finishing at the rim difficult in a congested lane. And many dogs suffer from below-average basketball IQ and poor spacial awareness, causing problems navigating pick & roll defense and maintaining discipline against a zone. 

Nonetheless, Cookies Hoops celebrates these noble basketball-playing pooches with our new Buddies collection. It includes two embroidered crewnecks, two embroidered hats and a long-sleeve tee with graphics on the front and back. 

"Buddies" long-sleeve tee (image above shows the back).